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These materials were developed by Philip Johnson at the University of Durham, with original graphics and animations by Shaun Roberts.

Editor: Miriam Chaplin
CD-ROM design: KDR Creative
Additional graphics and animations: Benjamin Stockwin.
Cover design: Aukett Media

We should also like to thank George and Robert Johnson for their assistance with the video camera work, Glen Sherret for microscope images of filter papers and powders, and Peter Hollamby for a variety of photographic images.

Images on the 'start' and 'main menu' pages courtesy of Science Photo Library. Photographers are Adam Hart-Davis, Dr. Jeremy Burgess, Alfred Pasieka.

Stuff & Substance was published in 2006 by:

Gatsby Science Enhancement Programme
Institute of Education
University of London
Room 202
11 Woburn Square
London WC1H 0AL

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