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TGU1: Formulae
Notes on chemical symbols for the elements
Many of the symbols which seem ‘strange’ to students are derived from the names of these substances in Greek or Latin. For example, the symbol for sodium is Na because the Latin name is natrium, while the symbol for potassium is K because the Latin name is kalium, and the symbol for lead is Pb, from the Latin name plumbum.

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Notes on formulae for water and propanone
OH2 would mean the same as H2O, but is not the conventional way to write the formula for water.
Similarly, we could put the symbols in a different order in the formula for propanone ( for example, C3OH6) but C3H6O is the usual way to write it.

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Notes on formula for lead nitrate
The formula is written this way (instead of as PbN2O6) in order to show the NO3 groups.

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