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TGA1: Notes on video on A1.1 and animation on A1.2
Notes on the video of wax melting

There is no temperature reading in this video for a reason. Students should be concentrating on observable changes in the beaker at this stage.
Students may notice that the solid wax sinks in the liquid wax. This is very different behaviour from water, although on the video the liquid wax may look like water.

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Notes on the animation of wax melting

This is shown as an animation because it would be very difficult to ensure that the points could be made clearly
using video.

The melting point of this candle wax is 64ºC. It is important for students to realise that the lump will only melt when it is hot enough. Some students may expect some wax to melt at 63°C: a piece of wax heated to 63ºC will not melt no matter how long it is kept at that temperature. Not even a little bit of it will melt until the temperature reaches 64ºC.
The animation stops at the point where all the wax has melted.

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