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TGRES1: Customising the resources (1)
All the images, animations and videos are available for you to include in your own presentations, using Word or PowerPoint, or within the presentation software provided with your interactive whiteboard, for example.

The relevant files are organised within three folders –Images, Animations and Videos – and within each folder the files are in order of the main content page of Stuff & Substance that they appear on: for example, this would
be the order of four files in the video folder

m3_copper_in_air….. and so on.

To find these folders, open up Windows Explorer if you are using a PC, or Finder if you are using a Mac.

Click on the letter of your CD-ROM drive to open up the contents of the CD-ROM.

Double click on either the images, animations or video folder on the CD-ROM.

Select the file(s) you wish to use in your own work, and then copy and paste to your desktop or the folder your work is contained in, using CTRL-C and CTRL-V if using a PC, or Apple-c followed by Apple-V.
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