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TGRES3: Customising the resources (3)
Creating a hyperlink

1 First, open a Word document and write the text that you want students to see (information, instructions and questions) for the lesson/presentation you are planning. You could make an instruction like ‘watch the video’ into a hyperlink, or you could place a caption for the video or animation and use that. Decide what text you are going to use now.
2 Go to the file you want to link to and double click to open the file. At the top is an ‘address’ box: select and copy the text in this box, then come straight back to the Word document you have been working on.
3 Select the text you want to use for the hyperlink, the go to the ‘Insert’ menu and choose hyperlink: this will open a dialogue box.
4 Near the bottom, you should see a blank address box: use CTRL-V to paste the address you copied into here. Check that this looks right and that the ‘Text to display’ box at the top shows the words you selected for your link. If it does, click ‘OK’.
5 The text you selected should now be a hyperlink and should have changed to blue, underlined, and rolling over it should show what it links to. Try it out by clicking (or if it tells you to, by CTRL-clicking), to make sure the link works.

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