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TGM6: Magnesium and oxygen
Notes on the video of magnesium and oxygen
Students should notice the following changes as evidence of a reaction taking place:

A fine white powder forms. This is clearly a substance in the solid state, even though it must be very hot.
The reaction mixture glows white hot.
The bag of oxygen deflates, indicating that the oxygen is being used up. Some students may also be able to suggest that this shows no other substance in the gas state are being formed, or the bag would not stay deflated.

Students should notice that, once again, the product in the solid state is formed as a powder.

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Notes on the ‘Think for Yourself’ questions
Magnesium is an elementary substance. It has a high melting point. What kind of structure would you expect it to have?
A giant structure made from one kind of atom.
What structure does oxygen have?
Small molecules, with each molecule made from two of the same type of atom.
Magnesium oxide was still solid at a very high temperature: what structure is it likely to have?
A giant structure.

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