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TGIntro2: Why use these resources in your science teaching?
Research into students' understanding in this area of science reveals that students have difficulty understanding events that take place in the material world, such as condensation appearing on a cold object or what physical and chemical changes are happening in a lighted candle. In addition, many students do not have a good grasp of the particle model and cannot use it to explain phenomena such as melting and boiling. For example, one common difficulty in understanding is that particles are seen as being in a substance, like peas in water, rather than being the substance itself. Research also suggests that traditional teaching approaches do not address some of these difficulties in understanding and may inadvertently reinforce student misconceptions.

Stuff & Substance seeks to address the ideas that seem to present particular difficulties for students, and to consider the associated issues not commonly considered in a traditional teaching approach. The particle model used to develop the concept of a substance is innovative in that it distinguishes between substances and includes a representation of the forces between particles.

The CD-ROM uses video, animations and simulations to present observable phenomena and the related particle explanations. There are questions and interactive activities to encourage students to engage actively with the ideas.

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