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TGIntro6: How can you use the resources in your teaching?

If you want to use all of the topics from the CD-ROM, we recommend that students firstly study all the Foundation topics in each section in order (beginning with 'Melting and Freezing' and finishing with 'Chemical Change '). After that, they could study any of the Advanced sections: the topics in Substances and Mixtures of Substances could be taken in any order; the topics in Changing Substances are best done in the order shown.

You can use the resources as they are with a group of students, and there are further suggestions for teaching approaches in the teachers’ guide.

You can also access the collection of images, animations and video clips, so that you can use these as you wish in your own Word or PowerPoint presentations or using the additional interactivity provided by an interactive whiteboard. You may also wish to adapt the material so that is suitable for use by individual students working independently.

By itself, it is unlikely that Stuff & Substance would be sufficient to teach students the ideas: you will still need to provide the full range of normal teaching activities, including first hand experience of phenomena, live demonstrations and, most importantly, group and class discussion of ideas.

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