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TGHS2: Practical notes topics A-G
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A1.1 Wax melting in tube The video shows a sample of wax that had previously been boiled for 5 minutes. Without this, many small bubbles appeared when in close-up view as the wax melted. (This occurred for a variety of sources of wax, including reagent grade stearic acid).
A3.2 Salt melting in tube It is easier to melt a given amount of salt in large lumps rather than small grains.
C1.2 Water into syringe The syring is hot (150 C). Take care not to touch it if putting a finger behind it to show the transparency of the gas. Also, keep careful control of the syringe needle.
C3.3 Boiling point Wax vapour is highly flammable. To avoid this igniting, it is important that the tube is long relative to the amount of wax, as shown in the video.
G5.1 Evaporating water and propanone Propanone is highly flammable. There must be no naked flames nearby.

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