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TGHS3: Practical notes topic M
Page Name of Video Clip Notes
M2.1 Ammonia and hydrogen chloride Uses 'gas bag' - see note
M3.1 Calcium and water An excess of water was used in order to control the rise in temperature, and so avoid the possibility of igniting the hydrogen.
Uses 'gas bag' - see note
M4.1 Magnesium and oxygen A number of video clips refers to 'oxygen', when decribing activities involving a reaction with air (effectively 'dilute oxygen'). This video clip really does show the use of pure oxygen, and thus the reaction will be more vigorous and the flame will be much brighter.
Uses 'gas bag' - see note
M5.5 C02 beaker
Uses 'gas bag' - see note
M6.2 Copper carbonate Uses 'gas bag' - see note
Note that precipitated copper carbonate was used; this contains copper hydroxide. The video was edited to avoid showing the condensation that forms in the upper end of the test-tube.

CO2 tube

Uses 'gas bag' - see note

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